Code of Conduct

~ Users with user names that are unrecognizable will be deleted ~

The actions of a participant are a reflection of themselves, and their community. Involvement in volleyball or other activities provides opportunities and experiences that promote exercise, sportsmanship and fun. As a participant of Volleyball Ottawa events you shall:

Treat Everyone with Respect

  • Treat teammates, opponents, event organizers, and spectators with respect.
  • No “put-down” statements or behavior about any player,or event organizers will be tolerated.
  • Be generous in winning and graceful in losing.

Exercise Self-Control at all times

  • Please play safely and be mindful of avoiding injuries to anyone.
  • Refrain from the use of physical force outside the rules of the game.
  • Please adhere to local laws and customs.

Play Fair

  • Players are expected to play fairly within the rules and spirit of the rules of the game of volleyball at all times.
  • Volleyball etiquette requires shaking hands with opposing players after each match.

Volleyball is a Team Sport

  • While individual skills are important, team effort is vital and the objective of the game.
  • Players should attempt to pass and set when possible.

AS PARTICIPANTS, we can each other achieve this Code of Conduct by encouraging each other in the game of volleyball. Let’s strive to be inclusive, encouraging and promote a fun, safe, friendly environment.

Treat Everyone with Respect

Individuals who display dangerous or disrespectful behavior at Volleyball Ottawa activities will not be welcome at future activities.