This week ☀

 This week we are pleased to announce that Marc (and Amanda by extension 😃 ) have joined us as assistant coordinators 🌟 We are grateful for the contributions of our volunteer team who keep this group alive and functioning for the love of volleyball 🏐Thanks for all you do Moe, Al, Ken, Jocelyn, Marc, Amanda and everyone else who contributes, supports and assists us in our humble volleyball organization.

Thank you 🌟 Thank you 🌟 Thank you ❗

2)  Will you be joining us for Thursday Beach Volleyball
@ Mooney’s Bay ~ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm❓

🏐weather permitting         🍁look for the net with the Canadian Flag

The beach may be crowded if the weather is nice ~ please come early if you would like to play, there will likely be a cap of 14 players.

A poll to see who will join us for Beach volleyball Thursday ~

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4)  Yes – we are playing grass volleyball 
 at 6:15 Monday, Wednesday and Friday
across from Billings bridge 
<weather permitting>
in addition to our special Thursday Beach Volleyball game
at Mooney’s Bay at 6pm


 Let’s make the best of these few remaining days of summer!  

Six Fifteen ⏰

As the days are getting shorter,
we will be starting a little earlier starting this coming week.
We will be playing @ 6:15 pm 
Mondays, Wednedsays and Fridays.


 On another note ~
If you are interested in entering a mini golf tournament with Pete
to raise money for The Boys and Girls club, 
please contact me ~
Thu, August 11, 2022 01:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m
details ~ The Biggs & Barr Mini Masters (

Thursday, June 2nd

The weather forecast for tomorrow is iffy, but let’s keep our fingers crossed 👍

You should receive a notification tomorrow afternoon if we cancel gameplay.

Upcoming charity volleyball tournaments you may want to participate in ~